What Makes A Brand A Successful One?

A successful brand is built on strategy combined with strong visuals.

Understanding your market, targeting the right audience and making your product easy to buy is fundamental.
It’s essential to build a memory structure to leave a lasting impression, which is achieved through a deep understanding of your customer, showing up consistently with strong visuals and ensuring your brand resonates effectively in the marketplace.



Brand Identity

For those seeking a brand rebirth or just starting out.
Ideal if you seek to enhance your business with compelling storytelling accompanied with strong visuals & strategy.


Website Design

For existing clients or add on for brand identity packages. Implementation on WordPress.


Print + Packaging

For businesses with physical products who aspire to stand out prominently on the shelf, showcasing their unique offerings.


Social Media Design

Do you need help with an outstanding and authentic online presence?
If you want to save time, we offer custom social media templates for Instagram, Facebook & Co.

We work with heart-led visionaries that value sustainability and holistic health for the land and it’s people.

yoga studios


coffee shops



reforestation projects

organic productions

clothing stores

Our Thoughtful Process

Experience a voyage of creation and exploration through our design process, carefully organized to transform your vision into tangible reality. 
We initiate the process with an insightful conversation to uncover the depths of your story, vision, and values.

Following this, we start to sculpt your brand identity, choosing elements such as color palettes and typography and crafting your logo and other bespoke components tailored to your chosen package.

We place great importance on establishing an energetic synergy when cocreating. Prior to committing to a project, we’ll meet on a Discovery Call to ensure alignment and resonance on both sides.

Our journey begins with a 1:1 Brand Strategy Call, designed to illuminate your brand’s core, positioning, and persona. This session serves as the foundation for creating a roadmap that seamlessly connects your vision to your business goals.

Moving forward, we finally delve into shaping your brand’s visual identity.

Through creative exploration, we’ll present a distinct concept to you, guiding us towards capturing the essence of your brand. As we progress, your brand comes to life, prepared to be finalized and documented in your brand book.

As the creative process draws to a close, it’s time for celebration.

To wrap up our collaborative journey, we’ll convene for a final 1:1 Closing Ceremony Call. During this session, we’ll reflect on our co-creation, address any remaining questions, and I’ll provide you with a clear creative direction for the launch of your new brand identity!



Primary logo – This contains all the elements you think are important for your customers to see at a glance.  This typically includes your company name, a tagline and established date. However, a primary logo doesn’t necessarily need to incorporate all these elements; it could consist of just the company name and tagline alongside a design.

Secondary logo – This is a more condensed version of your primary logo, but one that still contains important information.

Submark – This is a simplified version of your logo, making it easier to use on a smaller scale.

It’s essential to have a brand name and to have a clear vision for both your business and the target audience you aim to attract.

Please see our services page for more information – each project has a different timeline. We value the creative process, so the timeline can sometimes be +two weeks to completion.

There is a charge for any additional changes outside the scope of the project. The price will depend on how long it takes to make these changes.

Once your final payment has been made, you will receive a link to download your files from Google Drive.

You will receive your files in .jpg, .png and .eps format.

Once we have agreed a start date and design contract, you will receive an invoice for the first 50% of the payment as a deposit (this is non-refundable). The remainder of the payment will be made when the project is completed – this will be specified in our contract. There is also the option of different payment plans where we can split the payment into 3 or 4 payments.

Yes. If you would like to pay in instalments, please let me know. There is a deposit of 80 EUR for each project to secure your booking. The total price for our project can be split into up to 4 payments.