HEY - I’m Nina.

My name is Nina, I’m a 25 year old Austrian artist and my passion is to birth beauty into the world with my creations.

I grew up as the only child in the Austrian Alps, in a house surrounded by nothing but forests and meadows. After graduating from fashion school later in life, I felt the call to leave my homeland and experience other parts & cultures of our beautiful planet.
Between then and now I’ve worked several jobs to afford to travel, until in 2020 I found the courage to go all out and start my freelance dream of Studio GRL. That’s when the journey of getting in touch with my inner seasons really started for me. My art practice is teaching me to accept my own pace, beyond linear time, and to listen to my body’s wisdom and honour its rhythmic nature.

It’s the beauty all around me that is the illumination of my inner world. The Beauty that can only be witnessed when I stop, when I slow down. It is the beauty that is always giving, the beauty that co-exists with all the destruction and chaos in our world.

Welcome to Studio GRL.

Creating with passionate leaders to birth their heart-led vision into 
artful brand experiences.


The foundation and essence of our business.


Quality is reflected in our attention to detail, seamlessly woven into every design, ensuring that visuals communicate a non-verbal language, while authenticity acts as a magnet for your ideal clients.


Our creative process ebbs and flows with the natural rhythm of inspiration – while we aim to stick to estimated timelines, we respect the organic nature of creativity, allowing projects the flexibility they need to develop authentically.

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