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Important Note: The Studio is currently not accepting bookings until May 2024. Join our waitlist to be the first notified when bookings reopen.

Have you ever felt like your business lacks differentiation and creating visual aesthetics to target those dream-clients is not your cup of tea?

I get you.

Whether it’s the pressure to stand out on the shelf or online, marketing yourself with the best strategy or ensuring a delightful customer experience – there’s a lot that goes into running a thriving business.

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01. Pachamae, CR
Pachamae Costa Rica Logo Design Brand Identity
02. Pachamae, CR
03. Kakao Mischa, DE

fine art prints

For everyone who wants to enchant their altar or home with sacred & grounding visuals in honour of mother nature’s great spirit.

Meet The Founder + Creative Director

I’ll be your designer.

Studio GRL Design | Nina Schmid

It’s the beauty all around me that is the illumination of my inner world.

Crafted for your daily comfort, our product streamlines the creation of stunning feeds, allowing you to dedicate more time to delivering valuable content to your audience. With versatile options in various sizes and content types, including educational, entertaining, and inspirational posts, it empowers you to engage your audience effectively.



Yes. If you would like to pay in instalments, please let me know. There is a deposit of 80 EUR for each project to secure your booking. The total price for our project can be split into up to 3 payments.

Please see our services page for more information – each project has a different timeline. We value the creative process, so the timeline can sometimes be +two weeks to completion.

During the time that we work together, you will have permanent access to send me a message on Telegram by voice message and by text message.


To create my illustrations & graphics I use the Adobe Suite and Procreate.

I graduated from fashion school at the age of 19 and then travelled the world. I learnt the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop at school, but I’m mostly a self-taught artist.
I’ve been drawing since I was little and it’s been my passion ever since.

For the community

the moana temple

Intimate space for creative womento gather and discussions about freelancing &creative business.